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2PyGreSQL future directions
6To Do
9- Add check that we have at least Py 2.3 and Pg 7.4,
10  remove or rewrite cruft with old smell (has_key, type() etc.)
11- Support PQescapeStringConn and PQescapeByteaConn
12  (see also
13- Use PQescapeStringConn in the _quote() function of pg and pgdb
14  (escaping via backslash is not standard and produces warnings
15  in newer PostgreSQL versions).
16- Code marked with XXX in the pg module
17- pg relies on OIDs, but these are not generated by default any more
18  (at least docs should recommend setting default_with_oids=true).
19- install.txt talks about MSVC 2003, we should try using 2005/2008
20- 64 bit int typecasting in pgdb module
21  (see
22- Support composite primary keys
23  (see
24- Documentation for the pgdb module (everything specific to PyGreSQL).
25- The large object and direct access functions need much more attention.
26- An update query should return the number of rows affected.
27- The C module needs to be cleaned up and redundant code merged,
28  and should get its own unit test module.
29- The fetch method should use real cursors.
30- What shall wie do with the "tutorial" directory?
31  - it's rather a tutorial for Postgres/SQL than for PyGreSQL
32  - it' using only the query method from the classic pg module,
33    no other PyGreSQL functionality
34  - it's rather a demo than a tutorial
37Proposed Patches
40- Notice handling
41  (
42- Dict cursors
43  (
46Wish List
49- Support for the new insert/update ... returning ... feature
50  (see
51- Make SQLSTATE error codes available.
52- Make use of PQexecParams() and PQprepare(). This could speed up
53  executemany() and allow retrieving binary data directly by setting
54  the resultFormat parameter to one.
55- Users should be able to register their own types with _pg.
56- I would like a new method that returns a dictionary
57  of dictionaries from a SELECT.
58- Add support for persistent and pooled connections
59  that can be used in multi-threaded environments (we could simply
60  (add to the distribution).
61- Make PyGreSQL thread-safe on the connection level.
62- The API documentation could be created with Epydoc.
63- Write a tutorial for beginners and advanced use.
64- More and better documented examples.
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