source: trunk/setup.cfg @ 747

Last change on this file since 747 was 711, checked in by cito, 4 years ago

Flatten the directory structure of the project

Simplified the directory structure by flattening the "module" subdirectory out
to the root directory. That way, the script can now also access the
top-level docs subdirectory, so it could also install or build the docs.
There was nothing else in the root directory anyway, except the mkdocs and
mktar scripts which could be made unnecessary through

Also made the setup script a bit clearer. Removed the note about MinGW for
Windows since the Microsoft compiler for Python 2.7 and Visual Studio Community
are now freely available including 64bit compilers, and produce less problems.

Note that the usual structure would have been to use a "pygresql" package
directory instead of the "module" directory. But since we install PyGreSQL
as two top-level modules "pg" and "pgdb" instead of a package "pygresql",
the flattened structure reflects that much better. For historical reasons
and people don't want to rewrite import statements, we will keep it that way.

File size: 250 bytes
2# enable direct access functions
3direct_access = 1
4# enable large object support
5large_objects = 1
6# enable default variables use
7default_vars = 1
8# enable string escaping functions
9# (PostgreSQL version 9.0 and higher)
10escaping_funcs = 1
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