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Dec 2, 2008, 5:39:56 PM (11 years ago)

Added methods for determining the protocol and server version.

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  • trunk/docs/changelog.txt

    r382 r383  
    3333- Improved getnotify() by calling PQconsumeInput() instead of
    3434  submitting an empty command.
    35 - Removed compatibility code for old OID munging style
     35- Removed compatibility code for old OID munging style.
    3636- Added "return_changes" flag to insert method.
     37- Added protocol_version() and server_version() methods.
    3839Version 3.8.1 (2006-06-05)
  • trunk/docs/future.txt

    r379 r383  
    99- Classic pg relies on OIDs, but these are not generated by default any more
    1010  (at least docs should recommend setting default_with_oids=true).
     11- The insert() method in pg should use a `returning *` clause instead of
     12  the subsequent get() when the PostgreSQL version is >= 8.2.
    1113- Support composite primary keys and generally reconsider the pkey() method,
    1214  (see,
  • trunk/docs/pg.txt

    r382 r383  
    523523  to the database. This is useful for use in select calls, etc.
     525protocol_version - interrogates the frontend/backend protocol being used
     529  protocol_version()
     532  None
     534Exceptions raised:
     535  :TypeError: too many (any) arguments
     538  Applications might wish to use this to determine whether certain
     539  features are supported. Currently, the possible values are 2
     540  (2.0 protocol), 3 (3.0 protocol), or zero (connection bad).
     541  This will not change after connection startup is complete,
     542  but it could theoretically change during a connection reset.
     544server_version - interrogates the frontend/backend protocol being used
     548  server_version()
     551  None
     553Exceptions raised:
     554  :TypeError: too many (any) arguments
     557  Applications might use this to determine the version of the database
     558  server they are connected to. The number is formed by converting
     559  the major, minor, and revision numbers into two-decimal-digit numbers
     560  and appending them together. For example, version 8.1.5 will be returned
     561  as 80105, and version 8.2 will be returned as 80200 (leading zeroes are
     562  not shown). Zero is returned if the connection is bad.
    525564getnotify - gets the last notify from the server
    890929  in order to pick up values modified by rules, triggers, etc.  If
    891930  the optional flag return_changes is set to False this reload will
    892   be skipped. 
     931  be skipped.
    894933  Due to the way that this function works you will find inserts taking
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