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Updated the changelog and future documents.

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  • trunk/docs/changelog.txt

    r453 r465  
    1414  getresult() and dictresult(), which returns the rows of the result
    1515  as named tuples if these are supported (Python 2.6 or higher).
     16- The classic API has got the new methods begin(), commit(), rollback(),
     17  savepoint() and release() for handling transactions.
     18- Both classic and DBAPI 2 connections can now be used as context
     19  managers for encapsulating transactions.
    1620- The execute() and executemany() methods now return the cursor object,
    1721  so you can now write statements like "for row in cursor.execute(...)"
    2630- Better support for notice processing with the new methods
    2731  set_notice_receiver() and get_notice_receiver()
    28   (as suggested by Michael Filonenko, see #37).
     32  (as suggested by Michael Filonenko, see #12 and #37).
    2933- Open transactions are rolled back when pgdb connections are closed
    3034  (as suggested by Peter Harris, see #46).
  • trunk/docs/future.txt

    r448 r465  
    2424  a demo than a tutorial (#11)?
    26 Proposed Patches
    27 ----------------
    29 - Notice handling with PQsetNoticeReceiver and PQsetNoticeProcessor
    30   (one possible implementation was already suggested by Dmitry Dvoinikov
    32   Maybe also make notifications accessible via the optional cursor and
    33   connection attribute "messages" proposed in the DB-API specs (#12).
    3526Wish List
    38 - Make SQLSTATE error codes available (#13).
    39 - Support the new listen/notify infrastructure of PostgreSQL 9.0 (#15).
    4029- Make use of PQexecParams() and PQprepare(). This could speed up
    4130  executemany() and allow retrieving binary data directly by setting
    4534- Support optional "errorhandler" extension (#18).
    4635- Support optional cursor and connection attribute "messages" (#19).
    47 - Connection as context manager (see (#20).
    4836- Users should be able to register their own types with _pg (#21).
    49 - Let pg and pgdb support namedtuples (as available in Py 2.6).
    50   pg could get a new method namedresult(), and pgdb could provide
    51   a row factory for namedtuples (similar to sqlite3) (#22).
     37- pg has now got a new method namedresult() that returns named tuples.
     38  pgdb should also support named tuples, maybe via a row_factory attribute
     39  on the connection, similar to sqlite3 (see #22).
    5240- New methods in the classic module, similar to getresult() and
    5341  dictresult(), but returning dictionaries of rows instead of lists
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