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(edit) @648   4 years cito Use unittest2 in test_classic Also, depending on how the tests are …
(edit) @647   4 years cito Make tests compatible with Python 2.5
(edit) @646   4 years cito Backport some more tests from trunk to 4.x
(edit) @645   4 years cito Fixed small issue with large object When an object was already …
(edit) @644   4 years cito Make tests compatible with Python 2.6
(edit) @643   4 years cito Fix and backport some issues in the config tests
(edit) @642   4 years cito Skip test if German locale cannot be set
(edit) @641   4 years cito Remove surplus quote marks in docstrings Also, backport reduction of …
(edit) @640   4 years cito Move all tests into a separate directory This makes the test modules …
(edit) @639   4 years cito Backport of recently added features to 4.x Ported the support for …
(edit) @638   4 years cito Update the documentation
(edit) @636   4 years cito Clean up the docs We had used .txt for the old docs and .rst for the …
(edit) @632   4 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain Prepare setup script for 4.2.
(edit) @631   4 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain Start adding release notes for 4.2.
(edit) @625   4 years cito Backport notification handler fix to 4.x The notificaton handler had …
(edit) @623   4 years cito Backport decimal_point handling from trunk to 4.x This fixes some …
(edit) @590   4 years cito Fix debugging of DB() via open file
(edit) @587   4 years cito Fix bad name of a test function
(edit) @576   4 years cito Set lc_monetary before testing inserttable()
(edit) @570   4 years cito Improve tests for long ints under Python 2 PyGreSQL returns longs for …
(edit) @569   4 years cito Don't break named tuple result function in test After running the …
(edit) @565   4 years cito Using a better locale name for tests In the test we need to force …
(edit) @563   4 years cito Small corrections in the docs
(edit) @559   4 years cito Add test for printing large objects Again, note that the print …
(edit) @555   4 years cito Proper testing of the version number
(edit) @554   4 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain The current source compiles without warnings. Let's keep it that way.
(edit) @552   4 years cito unittest2 is needed for Python 2.6 as well
(edit) @549   4 years cito Add tests for large object support. Also fix some minor issues in the …
(edit) @548   4 years cito Add tests for direct socket access functions
(edit) @547   4 years cito Add test for canceling a long-running query
(edit) @546   4 years cito Add tests for the remaining module level functions
(edit) @545   4 years cito Fix test code for checking the port
(edit) @544   4 years cito Don't assume utf8 encoding of the test database
(edit) @543   4 years cito Check against the configured host and port in tests
(edit) @542   4 years cito Improve type checks in the tests for classic pg
(edit) @541   4 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain Set properties on new TEST modules the same as the existing ones.
(edit) @540   4 years cito Remove Python 3 related code from this branch. The version 4.x branch …
(edit) @539   4 years cito Refactor the test_pg module into three smaller modules This …
(edit) @538   4 years cito test_inserttable is already contained in test_pg
(edit) @537   4 years cito Let test take options and return an exit code
(edit) @536   4 years cito Do not install as zipped archive
(copy) @535   4 years cito Create branch for maintaining version 4.x
copied from trunk:
(edit) @522   4 years cito Correction in docstring (reported by Philipp Hahn).
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