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(edit) @638   4 years cito Update the documentation
(edit) @636   4 years cito Clean up the docs We had used .txt for the old docs and .rst for the …
(edit) @516   7 years darcy Seems that keyword expansion was never set up on these files.
(edit) @515   7 years darcy Version 4.1.1 tagged and bagged. On to 4.2.
(edit) @509   7 years darcy Prepare for 4.1.1 bugfix release.
(edit) @479   7 years darcy Fix RST syntax - underline too short.
(edit) @478   7 years darcy Oops. Wrong year on last change log.
(edit) @470   7 years darcy Update docs to 4.1
(edit) @465   7 years cito Updated the changelog and future documents.
(edit) @453   7 years cito Clarify supported versions in the changelog.
(edit) @449   7 years darcy Start 4.1 release. Set EOL for Python and PostgreSQL versions. Update …
(edit) @447   7 years cito Added a namedresult() method to the classic API.
(edit) @446   7 years cito Support positional parameters in the query() method.
(edit) @444   7 years cito Update changelog.
(edit) @443   7 years cito Support the new payload parameter in getnotify().
(edit) @438   7 years cito Allow connections and cursors to be used with the "with" statement (#46).
(edit) @437   7 years cito Roll back any open transaction when closing a connection (#46).
(edit) @435   7 years cito Update the changelog.
(edit) @434   7 years cito Add sqlstate attribute to DatabaseError? instances.
(edit) @414   9 years darcy Fix small typo.
(edit) @413   9 years darcy Fix money quoting.
(edit) @402   10 years cito One major change was missing in the changelog for version 4.0.
(edit) @401   10 years cito Escape and unescape Binary objects (as suggested by Dan McDonald?).
(edit) @398   10 years cito Let execute() and executemany() methods return the cursor object. …
(edit) @391   11 years cito The insert() and update() methods now check if the table is selectable …
(edit) @389   11 years cito Support for composite primary keys, code clean-up in get(), insert(), …
(edit) @387   11 years cito Some clean-up and using more meaningful names, removing the …
(edit) @384   11 years cito Reimplemented "protocol_version" and "server_version" as attributes …
(edit) @383   11 years cito Added methods for determining the protocol and server version.
(edit) @382   11 years darcy Add "return_changes" flag to insert method.
(edit) @379   11 years darcy Remove code added for backwards compatibility with old style OID munging.
(edit) @378   11 years darcy The current plan is to release Jan 1 2009.
(edit) @376   11 years cito Added test for getnotify() and improved this method by calling …
(edit) @374   11 years cito Made cursors support the iteration protocol (this is one of the …
(edit) @372   11 years cito Provide readable cursor attribute "connection" (this is one of the …
(edit) @370   11 years cito Dict cursor support has already been factored in.
(edit) @368   11 years cito The pg module no provides a way to find the number of affected rows …
(edit) @366   11 years cito Added int8 to INTEGER types, created new SMALLINT type.
(edit) @365   11 years cito Added support for PQescapeStringConn() and PQescapeByteaConn(). …
(edit) @352   11 years darcy Unless something comes up I plan to release 4.0 on Dec 1, 2008.
(edit) @349   11 years darcy Removed dependence on mx.DateTime? and renamed usage to standard …
(edit) @348   11 years cito Updated the ChangeLog?.
(edit) @338   11 years darcy Use flag file to designate BETA. Start preparing for version 4.0.
(edit) @334   11 years cito Document changes in DB wrapper class.
(edit) @328   11 years cito If available, use decimal.Decimal for numeric types.
(edit) @323   12 years darcy Raise error when direct copy fails. From Carl Staelin.
(edit) @316   13 years darcy Document recent change.
(edit) @313   13 years darcy Track some recent changes.
(edit) @303   13 years cito Added method for getting parameter settings. Cleaned up tab/space …
(edit) @294   13 years cito Update of changelog
(edit) @293   13 years darcy Release 3.8.1 (target June 5, 2006)
(edit) @287   13 years cito Added escape/unescape functions for SQL strings and "bytea" …
(edit) @284   13 years darcy If caller supplies key dictionary, make sure that all has a namespace. …
(edit) @279   14 years darcy Note interval fix.
(edit) @274   14 years darcy Note OID backwards compatibility code change.
(edit) @272   14 years darcy Track change to clear() method.
(edit) @262   14 years cito Docutils cosmetics.
(edit) @257   14 years darcy Add date of 3.8 release.
(edit) @256   14 years db Make it an official release.
(edit) @245   14 years darcy Get more of the recent changes into the changelog.
(edit) @229   14 years darcy Add latest changes to changelog.
(edit) @219   14 years cito release date of 3.7 in change log
(add) @213   14 years cito Added new docs folder (reST format doc files)
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