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(edit) @423   8 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain In early November, 2011 the system housing PyGreSQL was hacked and …
(edit) @409   10 years cito Added better listen/notify support to the wish list.
(edit) @403   10 years cito Added a note to handle quoted identifiers in the pg module.
(edit) @399   10 years cito Added feature request to future.txt.
(edit) @398   11 years cito Let execute() and executemany() methods return the cursor object. …
(edit) @392   11 years cito Added namedtuples to the wish list.
(edit) @391   11 years cito The insert() and update() methods now check if the table is selectable …
(edit) @389   11 years cito Support for composite primary keys, code clean-up in get(), insert(), …
(edit) @383   11 years cito Added methods for determining the protocol and server version.
(edit) @379   11 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain Remove code added for backwards compatibility with old style OID munging.
(edit) @377   11 years cito Minor issues.
(edit) @376   11 years cito Added test for getnotify() and improved this method by calling …
(edit) @371   11 years cito Updated docs. "insert/update ... returning" is already supported and …
(edit) @370   11 years cito Dict cursor support has already been factored in.
(edit) @368   11 years cito The pg module no provides a way to find the number of affected rows …
(edit) @366   11 years cito Added int8 to INTEGER types, created new SMALLINT type.
(edit) @365   11 years cito Added support for PQescapeStringConn() and PQescapeByteaConn(). …
(edit) @364   11 years cito Support for PQescapeStringConn and PQescapeByteaConn.
(edit) @361   11 years cito Some adaptions for Py 2.6 and Windows.
(edit) @360   11 years cito Check Python version, do not install with Py < 2.3 and Py >= 3.0. …
(edit) @357   11 years cito Modernize code in pg module a bit (we are requiring Py 2.3 now).
(edit) @356   11 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain Typo.
(edit) @355   11 years cito Updated to do list.
(edit) @354   11 years cito Updated to do list.
(edit) @353   11 years cito Updated the to do list.
(edit) @298   13 years cito Updated docs
(edit) @292   13 years cito Need to support PQescapeStringConn.
(edit) @291   13 years cito no message
(edit) @287   14 years cito Added escape/unescape functions for SQL strings and "bytea" …
(edit) @268   14 years cito Updated the docs about binary packages and docs folder.
(edit) @221   14 years cito no message
(edit) @216   14 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain Typo.
(add) @213   14 years cito Added new docs folder (reST format doc files)
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