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(edit) @563   4 years cito Small corrections in the docs
(edit) @516   7 years darcy Seems that keyword expansion was never set up on these files.
(edit) @449   7 years darcy Start 4.1 release. Set EOL for Python and PostgreSQL versions. Update …
(edit) @447   7 years cito Added a namedresult() method to the classic API.
(edit) @446   7 years cito Support positional parameters in the query() method.
(edit) @445   7 years cito Forgot to remove parameter in documentation at r391.
(edit) @443   7 years cito Support the new payload parameter in getnotify().
(edit) @436   7 years cito Some clean-up, mostly PEP8 issues.
(edit) @434   7 years cito Add sqlstate attribute to DatabaseError? instances.
(edit) @423   8 years darcy In early November, 2011 the system housing PyGreSQL was hacked and …
(edit) @393   11 years darcy Add more details about how the insert method works before PG version 8.2.
(edit) @391   11 years cito The insert() and update() methods now check if the table is selectable …
(edit) @389   11 years cito Support for composite primary keys, code clean-up in get(), insert(), …
(edit) @384   11 years cito Reimplemented "protocol_version" and "server_version" as attributes …
(edit) @383   11 years cito Added methods for determining the protocol and server version.
(edit) @382   11 years darcy Add "return_changes" flag to insert method.
(edit) @381   11 years darcy Correction to OID munging description. We only do that if the table …
(edit) @373   11 years cito Added function for getting or setting the decimal type to be used by …
(edit) @371   11 years cito Updated docs. "insert/update ... returning" is already supported and …
(edit) @368   11 years cito The pg module no provides a way to find the number of affected rows …
(edit) @364   11 years cito Support for PQescapeStringConn and PQescapeByteaConn.
(edit) @334   11 years cito Document changes in DB wrapper class.
(edit) @329   11 years cito Allow set_decimal(None) instead of set_decimal(float).
(edit) @328   11 years cito If available, use decimal.Decimal for numeric types.
(edit) @315   13 years darcy Allow keywords to be specified for insert, update and delete. Document …
(edit) @314   13 years darcy Add subclass example.
(edit) @287   13 years cito Added escape/unescape functions for SQL strings and "bytea" …
(edit) @251   14 years cito Improved explanation of get_relations().
(edit) @249   14 years cito Added cancel() method to connection object.
(edit) @241   14 years cito Reflect the last name change in the docs.
(edit) @240   14 years cito Updated the pg docs concerning get_relations() and get() on views.
(edit) @220   14 years cito Fixed typo.
(edit) @215   14 years darcy Python requires triple quotes (or backslashes) for multi-line strings.
(add) @213   14 years cito Added new docs folder (reST format doc files)
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