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(edit) @1017   3 months cito Some minor corrections in the changelog
(edit) @1016   3 months cito Fix three more typos in the documentation. As suggested by Justin …
(edit) @1015   4 months cito Fix several typos in the documentation. As suggested by Justin Pryzby …
(edit) @1014   4 months cito Add the new C files to the list of distribution files
(edit) @1011   4 months cito Shift release date
(edit) @1008   4 months darcy Fix minor text issues. Remove reference to readme.txt which was …
(edit) @1005   4 months darcy Sphinx-build is now a symlink to the current version.
(edit) @995   5 months cito Support autocommit attribute on pgdb connections
(edit) @994   5 months cito Fix typo and whitespace
(edit) @993   5 months cito Don't forget to mention contributors in changelog
(edit) @992   5 months cito Document how to send more parameters with connect
(edit) @991   5 months cito Add some more attributes to the connection object
(edit) @985   5 months cito Let single() and variants raise more specific error
(edit) @980   5 months cito Query methods for getting single rows and columns
(edit) @979   5 months cito Add version note for get_as_list/dict
(edit) @978   5 months cito Make classic query work as iterator Mostly following Justin's …
(edit) @977   5 months cito Use the term "registered type" (not "regular" type) This is the …
(edit) @975   5 months cito Add a note about dictresult() with duplicate fields
(edit) @973   5 months cito Add note about executing multiple SQL commands Also mention …
(edit) @968   9 months cito Remove comments meant for review from docs
(edit) @967   9 months cito Some more improvements to the docs by Justin Pryzby
(edit) @966   9 months cito Update changelog
(edit) @964   9 months cito Graceful exit of DB destructor on closed connection Also, in the 5.1 …
(edit) @963   9 months cito Fix doc error: get/set_cast_hook are connection methods
(edit) @962   9 months cito Some improvements to the docs by Justin Pryzby
(edit) @961   9 months cito Revert to name of prepared query as positional arg Unnamed prepared …
(edit) @960   9 months cito Update version numbers
(edit) @958   9 months cito Add important note regarding unnamed prepared statements
(edit) @957   9 months cito Add documentation for prepared statements
(edit) @951   9 months cito Update year of copyright
(edit) @949   9 months cito Fix typo in URL for mailing list.
(edit) @948   9 months cito Update changelog
(edit) @946   9 months darcy Fix typo.
(edit) @945   9 months darcy Fix a few typos. Thanks to Justin Pryzby.
(edit) @944   9 months darcy Fix URL for mailing list.
(edit) @941   14 months darcy Add release date.
(edit) @940   15 months cito Prepare for version 5.0.6
(edit) @938   17 months darcy The index.rst file is generated so remove from repository and ignore it.
(edit) @936   17 months darcy Put actual release date for 5.0.5.
(edit) @934   17 months cito Fix typo in docs
(edit) @930   20 months cito Update year, version number and supported Pg versions
(edit) @926   20 months cito Use-after-free bug in query function implementation
(edit) @918   2 years darcy Update copyrights.
(edit) @916   2 years darcy Use latest Python.
(edit) @914   2 years darcy Releasing 5.0.3.
(edit) @912   2 years cito Fix a compilation issue under OS X
(edit) @911   2 years cito Fix typos
(edit) @909   2 years cito Stricter large object error checks, with unit tests
(edit) @908   3 years cito Fix typo in tutorial Pull request #2 by Anton Bobov
(edit) @905   3 years cito Support Python 3.6 and PostgreSQL 9.6
(edit) @901   3 years cito Improve creation of named tuples in Python 2.6 and 3.0
(edit) @900   3 years cito Allow query_formatted() to be used without parameters
(edit) @896   3 years darcy Release version 5.0.3.
(edit) @895   3 years cito Add note about conversion of arrays to lists
(edit) @894   3 years cito Cache the namedtuple classes used for query result rows
(edit) @893   3 years cito Add a way to switch off array casting in pgdb
(edit) @891   3 years darcy Sphinx program iname has grown a version number.
(edit) @889   3 years darcy Prepare for release of 5.0.2.
(edit) @888   3 years cito Fix an error in the documentation
(edit) @887   3 years cito Correct changelog about set_typecast The typecast function must be …
(edit) @886   3 years cito Fix infinite recursion issue The getattr method assumes that the "db" …
(edit) @884   3 years cito Update version number in announcement
(edit) @883   3 years cito Fix issue with adaptation of empty arrays in pg
(edit) @882   3 years cito Prepare for bugfix release 5.0.1
(edit) @881   3 years cito Add memory leak test for pgdb connections
(edit) @878   3 years cito Allow extra keys in params to query_formatted()
(edit) @877   3 years cito Fix issue with pg types with OID >= 0x80000000
(edit) @875   3 years cito Let connect() pass any other connection parameters
(edit) @873   3 years cito Update to next version number 5.0.1 Also, do not inhibit installation …
(edit) @872   3 years cito Prefer OID over PK in update() and delete() This restores backward …
(edit) @869   4 years darcy A couple of other references to 5.0b1 to fix.
(edit) @866   4 years darcy Release 5.0 today.
(edit) @865   4 years cito Update download section in docs
(edit) @863   4 years darcy Add historical release date for 4.2.2.
(edit) @857   4 years cito Add system parameter to get_relations() Also fix a regression in the …
(edit) @856   4 years cito Add release notes for 4.2.1 in the changelog
(edit) @851   4 years cito Adapt announcement for 5.0 to the current state
(edit) @850   4 years cito Add note regarding SQLAlchemy
(edit) @845   4 years cito Update changelog
(edit) @844   4 years cito New connection attribute "closed" in pgdb This can be useful when …
(edit) @842   4 years cito Treat percent signs in SQL strings always the same
(edit) @841   4 years cito Add type helper for UUIDs
(edit) @839   4 years cito Cast to proper type when adapting datetime values Otherwise …
(edit) @832   4 years cito Minor fixes in the docs configuration
(edit) @831   4 years cito Use different file instead of ifconfig Unfortunately, Sphinx did not …
(edit) @830   4 years cito Avoid duplication in the title of the docs The actual documentation …
(edit) @829   4 years cito Always use index.rst as master page Implement the case distinction on …
(edit) @828   4 years cito Fix silly typo.
(edit) @827   4 years cito Do not use our custom layout with RTD. This does not work since RTD …
(edit) @826   4 years cito Make Sphinx docs work without the Cloud theme Our custom navigation …
(edit) @825   4 years cito Add requirements file for buildings the docs
(edit) @823   4 years cito Raise the proper subclasses of DatabaseError? Particularly, we raise …
(edit) @821   4 years cito Support the uuid data type This is often useful and also supported by …
(edit) @819   4 years cito Add type object for the hstore type
(edit) @818   4 years cito Add list of supported data types.
(edit) @817   4 years cito Support the hstore data type Added adaptation and typecasting of the …
(edit) @814   4 years cito Add typecasting of dates, times, timestamps, intervals So far, …
(edit) @811   4 years cito Mention get_as_dict() in the tutorial
(edit) @810   4 years cito Minor update in the documentation
(edit) @809   4 years cito Mention cast_array/record in changelog
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