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(edit) @256   14 years db Make it an official release.
(edit) @255   14 years darcy Add web icon. Thanks to Matthew Sporleder <mspo@…>
(edit) @251   14 years cito Improved explanation of get_relations().
(edit) @249   14 years cito Added cancel() method to connection object.
(edit) @245   14 years darcy Get more of the recent changes into the changelog.
(edit) @242   14 years cito Updated default style sheet to docutils 0.4.
(edit) @241   14 years cito Reflect the last name change in the docs.
(edit) @240   14 years cito Updated the pg docs concerning get_relations() and get() on views.
(edit) @238   14 years darcy Update all version strings to 3.8.
(edit) @229   14 years darcy Add latest changes to changelog.
(edit) @224   14 years cito Typo
(edit) @223   14 years darcy Be more direct about sending queries to the mailing list.
(edit) @221   14 years cito no message
(edit) @220   14 years cito Fixed typo.
(edit) @219   14 years cito release date of 3.7 in change log
(edit) @218   14 years cito Update link
(edit) @216   14 years darcy Typo.
(edit) @215   14 years darcy Python requires triple quotes (or backslashes) for multi-line strings.
(edit) @213   14 years cito Added new docs folder (reST format doc files)
(edit) @208   14 years darcy Update documentation and build tools in preparation for release of 3.7.
(edit) @199   15 years darcy Change to version 3.6.2 Main change is to fix namespace handling with …
(edit) @196   15 years darcy Change version to 3.6.1. Add comment about fixing namespaces.
(edit) @188   15 years darcy Use Python versions of strtol, etc. Allows WIN32 build. Update …
(edit) @186   15 years darcy Add final changes for 3.6 release.
(edit) @169   15 years darcy Use proper URL for PyGreSQL.
(edit) @168   15 years darcy Final fixes for release.
(edit) @164   15 years darcy Update for 3.5 release.
(edit) @152   16 years darcy Move to version 3.4 release. Add changes. Use new addresses.
(edit) @142   16 years darcy Removed some text as per Jim Perry. Reformat slightly. Remove a …
(edit) @141   16 years darcy Sign the announcement with Thierry's and my names.
(edit) @140   16 years darcy Announcement of the merge between PoPy? and PyGreSQL.
(edit) @86   18 years darcy Bump version to 3.3. Mostly this is because there is some confusion …
(edit) @65   18 years darcy Make sure that everything says version 3.2.
(edit) @46   19 years darcy Update the changes for version 3.2.
(edit) @40   19 years darcy Update the version number. We may change this to 7.1 if we align it …
(edit) @29   19 years momjian Update to PyGreSQL 3.1: Fix some quoting functions. In particular …
(edit) @27   19 years momjian Update for PyGreSQL 3.0, from D'Arcy J.M. Cain
(edit) @16   20 years scrappy Bring python up to date ... From: D'Arcy J.M. Cain <darcy@…>
(edit) @15   20 years momjian Add python
(add) @14   20 years momjian Re-add python.
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