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(edit) @873   3 years cito Update to next version number 5.0.1 Also, do not inhibit installation …
(edit) @864   4 years darcy Move files to a different folder on Vex.Net server.
(edit) @855   4 years darcy Fix tests so that script runs under NetBSD.
(edit) @783   4 years cito Add more safety checks to the mktar script Make sure the right files …
(edit) @777   4 years cito Change name of links in mktar script The source distribution is now …
(edit) @758   4 years cito Build source distribution with setup script Instead of building the …
(edit) @756   4 years cito Fix typo
(edit) @755   4 years cito Some more improvements in mkdocs and mktar
(edit) @753   4 years cito Forgot some needed changes in the mkdocs and mktar script
(edit) @750   4 years cito Update comment in mktar script The setup script also includes the …
(edit) @711   4 years cito Flatten the directory structure of the project Simplified the …
(edit) @710   4 years cito Port all doc changes from 4.x branch to trunk
(edit) @686   4 years cito Improve the script for creating the source distribution Made some …
(edit) @657   4 years darcy Set version for trunk.
(edit) @515   7 years darcy Version 4.1.1 tagged and bagged. On to 4.2.
(edit) @509   7 years darcy Prepare for 4.1.1 bugfix release.
(edit) @484   7 years darcy Location of files directory on server changed.
(edit) @483   7 years darcy Now in beta mode for 4.2.
(edit) @468   7 years darcy Add missing module files.
(edit) @421   9 years darcy Move to 4.1 (BETA).
(edit) @338   11 years darcy Use flag file to designate BETA. Start preparing for version 4.0.
(edit) @322   12 years darcy Move to 3.8.2.beta
(edit) @293   13 years darcy Release 3.8.1 (target June 5, 2006)
(edit) @263   14 years cito Added mkdocs script to create the HTML docs. Improved mktar script to …
(edit) @258   14 years darcy Move to 3.8.1 beta. Remove redundant README file. Add install.txt.
(edit) @256   14 years db Make it an official release.
(edit) @246   14 years darcy Fix up the distribution file creation script to reflect recent changes …
(edit) @235   14 years darcy Time to start testing 3.8
(edit) @211   14 years darcy Go to release.
(edit) @208   14 years darcy Update documentation and build tools in preparation for release of 3.7.
(edit) @199   15 years darcy Change to version 3.6.2 Main change is to fix namespace handling with …
(edit) @194   15 years darcy Change version to 3.6.1.
(edit) @186   15 years darcy Add final changes for 3.6 release.
(add) @178   15 years darcy This script creates the tar file for the distribution. It is probably …
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