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(edit) @522   4 years cito Correction in docstring (reported by Philipp Hahn).
(edit) @521   4 years darcy Use hard coded path rather than env.
(edit) @520   4 years darcy Make code more compatible with 3.1. This still passes the 2.x unit tests.
(edit) @519   5 years darcy Use trac's builtin browser instead of viewvc.
(edit) @518   5 years darcy The default has been WITHOUT OIDS for a while so we may as well test …
(edit) @517   7 years cito Set a better default for the user option "escaping-funcs".
(edit) @516   7 years darcy Seems that keyword expansion was never set up on these files.
(edit) @515   7 years darcy Version 4.1.1 tagged and bagged. On to 4.2.
(edit) @513   7 years darcy Put the attributes one per line to make it easier to add and remove …
(edit) @512   7 years darcy Replace pgnotify attribute with when_notified.
(edit) @511   7 years cito Simplify and rename notification handler again.
(edit) @510   7 years cito Typo.
(edit) @509   7 years darcy Prepare for 4.1.1 bugfix release.
(edit) @508   7 years cito Make listen and notify be usable from outside by using a lock.
(edit) @507   7 years cito Test notify method of WhenNotified?.
(edit) @506   7 years cito Rename pgnotify to WhenNotified?. Old name gives deprecation warning. …
(edit) @505   7 years cito Move copyright notice from module docstring to comment.
(edit) @504   7 years cito Add copyright notice concerning pgnotify.
(edit) @503   7 years cito Some refactoring, avoid code duplication. Use flag instead of pseudo …
(edit) @502   7 years cito Test that pgnotify() properly finishes.
(edit) @501   7 years cito Speed up the pgnotify tests, avoid globals.
(edit) @500   7 years cito Add pseudo start event, so we know when pgnotify started. Small fixes.
(edit) @499   7 years cito Mutable default params are dangerous.
(edit) @498   7 years cito Pass payload in pgnotify.
(edit) @497   7 years cito Sharpen test for iunserting current_timestamp.
(edit) @496   7 years darcy Add more quote tests. False and 0 should evaluate to NULL.
(edit) @495   7 years darcy Any number other than 0 is True.
(edit) @494   7 years cito Fix exception handling in pgnotify.
(edit) @493   7 years cito Do not use positional parameters internally. This restores backward …
(edit) @492   7 years cito Add methods for changing the decimal point.
(edit) @491   7 years cito Revert hack in r488. It does not work with a Japanese locale.
(edit) @490   7 years darcy Add pgnotify to attributes.
(edit) @489   7 years cito Add test for boolean parameters.
(edit) @488   7 years darcy Don't create a new tuple before we need it. Saves a destructor in …
(edit) @487   7 years darcy Add pgnotify method.
(edit) @486   7 years darcy Open database in every test to assure that there are no interactions. …
(edit) @485   7 years cito Handle money results properly when decimal point is a','.
(edit) @484   7 years darcy Location of files directory on server changed.
(edit) @483   7 years darcy Now in beta mode for 4.2.
(edit) @482   7 years cito I've also tested everything with PostgreSQL 9.2.
(edit) @481   7 years darcy Ack, ptooie. I'm not even suffering from a hangover.
(edit) @480   7 years darcy Fix date in new documentation as well.
(edit) @479   7 years darcy Fix RST syntax - underline too short.
(edit) @478   7 years darcy Oops. Wrong year on last change log.
(edit) @476   7 years cito Cannot detect Postgres 9.0 so easily, use compile flag instead.
(edit) @475   7 years cito More testing platforms.
(edit) @474   7 years cito Solve a problem when compiling a 32bit version under Windows.
(edit) @473   7 years cito Silence some compiler warnings, use consistent code style.
(edit) @472   7 years darcy Show testing platforms.
(edit) @471   7 years cito Fix some issues with MS VS 2008.
(edit) @470   7 years darcy Update docs to 4.1
(edit) @469   7 years darcy New Sphinx documentation. Note - not finished yet. Committed to allow …
(edit) @468   7 years darcy Add missing module files.
(edit) @467   7 years darcy Convert docs to sphinx. Clears ticket #4. Needs review before changing …
(edit) @466   7 years cito Test needs Py 2.5 anyway, so we can remove code for Py 2.4.
(edit) @465   7 years cito Updated the changelog and future documents.
(edit) @464   7 years cito Implement context manager in pg similar to pgdb.
(edit) @463   7 years cito Connection as context manager for transactions in pgdb.
(edit) @462   7 years cito We don't need the contextlib in this implementation.
(edit) @461   7 years cito Add transaction handling methods and context managers to pg.
(edit) @460   7 years cito Allow setting the debug attribute just to True.
(edit) @459   7 years cito Remove unneccessary code.
(edit) @458   7 years cito Update supported versions in
(edit) @457   7 years cito Use more modern unittest method name.
(edit) @456   7 years cito Make test_pg less locale dependent.
(edit) @455   7 years darcy Make license a little closer to PostGreSQL and include all …
(edit) @454   7 years cito Always use the temporary database in pg_test.
(edit) @453   7 years cito Clarify supported versions in the changelog.
(edit) @452   7 years cito Remove unused code.
(edit) @451   7 years cito Avoid passing quoted parameters since shells may handle quotes differently.
(edit) @450   7 years cito Add default build options to
(edit) @449   7 years darcy Start 4.1 release. Set EOL for Python and PostgreSQL versions. Update …
(edit) @448   7 years darcy Fix pointers to mailing list.
(edit) @447   7 years cito Added a namedresult() method to the classic API.
(edit) @446   7 years cito Support positional parameters in the query() method.
(edit) @445   7 years cito Forgot to remove parameter in documentation at r391.
(edit) @444   7 years cito Update changelog.
(edit) @443   7 years cito Support the new payload parameter in getnotify().
(edit) @442   7 years cito Make the regtypes flag accessible through an additional method.
(edit) @441   7 years cito Incorporate regular type names in the clear() method.
(edit) @440   7 years cito Add option to let get_attnames() return regular type names.
(edit) @439   7 years cito Return regtype instead of 'text' for array types.
(edit) @438   7 years cito Allow connections and cursors to be used with the "with" statement (#46).
(edit) @437   7 years cito Roll back any open transaction when closing a connection (#46).
(edit) @436   7 years cito Some clean-up, mostly PEP8 issues.
(edit) @435   7 years cito Update the changelog.
(edit) @434   7 years cito Add sqlstate attribute to DatabaseError? instances.
(edit) @433   7 years cito Some simplifications regarding the "last_result" fields in pgmodule. …
(edit) @432   7 years cito Make test work with Postgres 9.1.
(edit) @431   7 years cito Avoid a compiler warning.
(edit) @430   7 years cito Wrong whitespace. Make both lint and Eclipse checker happy.
(edit) @429   7 years cito Fix tests, escape_bytea does not care about the bytea_out setting.
(edit) @428   7 years cito Fix problem when standard_conforming_string = on (Postgres 9.1). …
(edit) @427   7 years darcy Fix pointer to public repository.
(edit) @426   8 years darcy Use HTTP to distribute files.
(edit) @425   8 years darcy Remove unused links.
(edit) @424   8 years darcy Fix pointer to online SVN server.
(edit) @423   8 years darcy In early November, 2011 the system housing PyGreSQL was hacked and …
(edit) @422   9 years darcy Changes to ease transition to Python 3.x while allowing scripts to …
(edit) @421   9 years darcy Move to 4.1 (BETA).
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