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(edit) @613   4 years cito Add some more testing of unicode issues
(edit) @612   4 years cito Allow test database host name to be None
(edit) @611   4 years cito Don't need to set encoding in test any more
(edit) @610   4 years cito Set proper encoding for getline/putline tests
(edit) @609   4 years cito Set proper encoding for param query tests
(edit) @608   4 years cito Initialize database parameters in config test
(edit) @607   4 years cito Skip over known libpq issue under Windows
(edit) @606   4 years cito Amend the large obj tests for Windows
(edit) @605   4 years cito Fix confusing comment
(edit) @604   4 years cito Allow for several variations of the locale names
(edit) @603   4 years cito unescape_bytea() is actually stateless Contrary to escape_bytea() and …
(edit) @602   4 years cito Account for statefulness of some module functions Some functions on …
(edit) @601   4 years cito Python 3 changed the iterator protocol
(edit) @600   4 years cito Make use of decorator syntax
(edit) @599   4 years cito Fix a few Python 3 issues with the main tests
(edit) @598   4 years cito Testing large objects set to Unicode content
(edit) @597   4 years cito Use better and fully qualified Python class names That way, the …
(edit) @596   4 years cito Use the default repr method for all objects Our custom repr methods …
(edit) @595   4 years cito Simplify tests for printing objects Now that we use tp_str instead of …
(edit) @594   4 years cito Python 3 does not support tp_print any more
(edit) @593   4 years cito Adapt large object tests for Python 3 The content of large objects …
(edit) @592   4 years cito Adapt some more tests for Python 3
(edit) @591   4 years cito Some more adaptations for Python 3
(edit) @590   4 years cito Fix debugging of DB() via open file
(edit) @589   4 years cito The file type is gone in Python 3
(edit) @588   4 years cito Make putline() accept bytes as well
(edit) @587   4 years cito Fix bad name of a test function
(edit) @586   4 years cito Get print tests running under Python 3
(edit) @585   4 years cito Make non-ascii query results work with Python 3
(edit) @584   4 years cito Make query parameters work with Python 3
(edit) @583   4 years cito Make inserttable() run on Python 3
(edit) @582   4 years cito Make the module name available on the class That's a bit more …
(edit) @581   4 years cito Fix wrong parameter in C code
(edit) @580   4 years cito Return proper class and module attrs We do not need to …
(edit) @579   4 years cito members has been deprecated a long time ago The members (and …
(edit) @578   4 years cito Finalize defined types during the initialization
(edit) @577   4 years cito Use the py3c macros for module initialization
(edit) @576   4 years cito Set lc_monetary before testing inserttable()
(edit) @575   4 years cito Don't use eval() if not necessary
(edit) @574   4 years cito map() doesn't return a list in Python 3 any more
(edit) @573   4 years cito Structure tests for bytes/unicode a bit better
(edit) @572   4 years cito Get the classic_functions tests running in Py 2/3
(edit) @571   4 years cito Adapt tests for long ints under Python 3 We need to make some small …
(edit) @569   4 years cito Don't break named tuple result function in test After running the …
(edit) @568   4 years cito We can assume namedtuples are always available Since we require at …
(edit) @567   4 years cito Add a custom dir() method to the DB wrapper Seems this is necessary …
(edit) @566   4 years cito Use py3c compatibility layer for str/unicode issue See …
(edit) @565   4 years cito Using a better locale name for tests In the test we need to force …
(edit) @564   4 years cito Use py3c compatibility layer for int/long issue See …
(edit) @563   4 years cito Small corrections in the docs
(edit) @562   4 years cito Amend tests to skip over magic methods These are now part of the …
(edit) @561   4 years cito Keep the old names on the Python level Reverted some renaming in r530
(edit) @560   4 years cito Remove some more code for Python < 2.5 in the trunk
(edit) @559   4 years cito Add test for printing large objects Again, note that the print …
(edit) @558   4 years cito Instance print function doesn't output to a pseudo-file So for …
(edit) @557   4 years cito Use print the modern way as a function
(edit) @556   4 years cito Use the modern except .. as syntax in the trunk
(edit) @555   4 years cito Proper testing of the version number
(edit) @553   4 years cito Require at least Python 2.6 for the trunk (5.x) Support for even …
(edit) @551   4 years cito StandardError? has been removed in Python 3. We now subclass from …
(edit) @550   4 years cito Merge changes in 4.x branch to the trunk This is mainly the …
(edit) @534   4 years darcy Closer to Python 3. This compiles under both Python 2 and 3 but unit …
(edit) @533   4 years darcy Change supported versions.
(edit) @532   4 years darcy Make sure tables from failed runs are cleared out. Run under Python 2 or 3.
(edit) @531   4 years darcy Further name changes and re-organization. Move a little closer to …
(edit) @530   4 years darcy More re-organization. Still passes all tests.
(edit) @529   4 years darcy We should be able to compile cleanly.
(edit) @528   4 years darcy As part of moving to Python 3 I am also going to re-organize the code. …
(edit) @527   4 years darcy Fix error that prevented compilation.
(edit) @526   4 years darcy Moving closer to Python 3.
(edit) @525   4 years darcy Current excepton handling so that it can run under Python 3.
(edit) @524   4 years darcy Fix a few typos.
(edit) @523   4 years darcy Use modern exception handling. Makes it ready for Python 3.
(edit) @522   4 years cito Correction in docstring (reported by Philipp Hahn).
(edit) @521   4 years darcy Use hard coded path rather than env.
(edit) @520   4 years darcy Make code more compatible with 3.1. This still passes the 2.x unit tests.
(edit) @519   5 years darcy Use trac's builtin browser instead of viewvc.
(edit) @518   5 years darcy The default has been WITHOUT OIDS for a while so we may as well test …
(edit) @517   7 years cito Set a better default for the user option "escaping-funcs".
(edit) @516   7 years darcy Seems that keyword expansion was never set up on these files.
(edit) @515   7 years darcy Version 4.1.1 tagged and bagged. On to 4.2.
(edit) @513   7 years darcy Put the attributes one per line to make it easier to add and remove …
(edit) @512   7 years darcy Replace pgnotify attribute with when_notified.
(edit) @511   7 years cito Simplify and rename notification handler again.
(edit) @510   7 years cito Typo.
(edit) @509   7 years darcy Prepare for 4.1.1 bugfix release.
(edit) @508   7 years cito Make listen and notify be usable from outside by using a lock.
(edit) @507   7 years cito Test notify method of WhenNotified?.
(edit) @506   7 years cito Rename pgnotify to WhenNotified?. Old name gives deprecation warning. …
(edit) @505   7 years cito Move copyright notice from module docstring to comment.
(edit) @504   7 years cito Add copyright notice concerning pgnotify.
(edit) @503   7 years cito Some refactoring, avoid code duplication. Use flag instead of pseudo …
(edit) @502   7 years cito Test that pgnotify() properly finishes.
(edit) @501   7 years cito Speed up the pgnotify tests, avoid globals.
(edit) @500   7 years cito Add pseudo start event, so we know when pgnotify started. Small fixes.
(edit) @499   7 years cito Mutable default params are dangerous.
(edit) @498   7 years cito Pass payload in pgnotify.
(edit) @497   7 years cito Sharpen test for iunserting current_timestamp.
(edit) @496   7 years darcy Add more quote tests. False and 0 should evaluate to NULL.
(edit) @495   7 years darcy Any number other than 0 is True.
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