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(edit) @936   19 months D'Arcy J.M. Cain Put actual release date for 5.0.5.
(edit) @934   19 months cito Fix typo in docs
(edit) @932   19 months cito Alternative workaround for Python 3.7 issue
(edit) @931   19 months cito Account for a small change in Python 3.7 The return type of …
(edit) @930   22 months cito Update year, version number and supported Pg versions
(edit) @929   22 months cito Fix sort order in test to make it reliable
(edit) @928   22 months cito Adapt tests for Postgres 10
(edit) @927   22 months cito Fix test issue with Pg 9.6
(edit) @926   22 months cito Use-after-free bug in query function implementation
(edit) @924   2 years cito Fix the license entry in the setup file PyGreSQL is licensed under …
(edit) @923   2 years cito
(edit) @921   2 years cito Bump version number Also add Python 3.6 classifier for the next …
(edit) @918   2 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain Update copyrights.
(edit) @916   2 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain Use latest Python.
(edit) @914   2 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain Releasing 5.0.3.
(edit) @913   2 years cito Explicit casting of long to int to avoid warnings
(edit) @912   2 years cito Fix a compilation issue under OS X
(edit) @911   2 years cito Fix typos
(edit) @910   3 years cito Cleaner handling of oid parameter in getlo() method
(edit) @909   3 years cito Stricter large object error checks, with unit tests
(edit) @908   3 years cito Fix typo in tutorial Pull request #2 by Anton Bobov
(edit) @907   3 years cito Travis config doesn't work with Pg 9.5 either, use 9.4 again
(edit) @906   3 years cito Travis config doesn't work with Postgres 9.6, check with 9.5
(edit) @905   3 years cito Support Python 3.6 and PostgreSQL 9.6
(edit) @904   3 years cito Make test more robust with Postgres < 9.3
(edit) @903   3 years cito Fix an issue with Python 3.6 While running over a dictionary in a for …
(edit) @902   3 years cito Fix an issue with under Postgres 9.6 PQhost can now …
(edit) @901   3 years cito Improve creation of named tuples in Python 2.6 and 3.0
(edit) @900   3 years cito Allow query_formatted() to be used without parameters
(edit) @898   3 years cito PyPI of late doesn't like ftp scheme in the download url any more
(edit) @896   3 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain Release version 5.0.3.
(edit) @895   3 years cito Add note about conversion of arrays to lists
(edit) @894   3 years cito Cache the namedtuple classes used for query result rows
(edit) @893   3 years cito Add a way to switch off array casting in pgdb
(edit) @891   3 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain Sphinx program iname has grown a version number.
(edit) @889   3 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain Prepare for release of 5.0.2.
(edit) @888   3 years cito Fix an error in the documentation
(edit) @887   3 years cito Correct changelog about set_typecast The typecast function must be …
(edit) @886   3 years cito Fix infinite recursion issue The getattr method assumes that the "db" …
(edit) @884   3 years cito Update version number in announcement
(edit) @883   3 years cito Fix issue with adaptation of empty arrays in pg
(edit) @882   3 years cito Prepare for bugfix release 5.0.1
(edit) @881   3 years cito Add memory leak test for pgdb connections
(edit) @880   3 years cito Enable garbage collection after deleting DB instance Needed to add …
(edit) @879   3 years cito Enable garbage collection after closing DB instance Note that there …
(edit) @878   3 years cito Allow extra keys in params to query_formatted()
(edit) @877   3 years cito Fix issue with pg types with OID >= 0x80000000
(edit) @876   3 years cito Fixed issues when remote server version < 9.0 Though this is not …
(edit) @875   3 years cito Let connect() pass any other connection parameters
(edit) @874   4 years cito Let setup understand Postgres beta versions Postgres versions such as …
(edit) @873   4 years cito Update to next version number 5.0.1 Also, do not inhibit installation …
(edit) @872   4 years cito Prefer OID over PK in update() and delete() This restores backward …
(edit) @871   4 years cito Set the time zone in text fixtures
(edit) @870   4 years cito Fix some issues when compiling with MSVC 9
(edit) @869   4 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain A couple of other references to 5.0b1 to fix.
(edit) @868   4 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain Change distribution file name to proper release.
(edit) @866   4 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain Release 5.0 today.
(edit) @865   4 years cito Update download section in docs
(edit) @864   4 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain Move files to a different folder on Vex.Net server.
(edit) @863   4 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain Add historical release date for 4.2.2.
(edit) @859   4 years cito Revert PostgreSQL versions in Travis config Seems Travis still …
(edit) @858   4 years cito Bump PostgreSQL version in Travis config Seems Travis doesn't support …
(edit) @857   4 years cito Add system parameter to get_relations() Also fix a regression in the …
(edit) @856   4 years cito Add release notes for 4.2.1 in the changelog
(edit) @855   4 years D'Arcy J.M. Cain Fix tests so that script runs under NetBSD.
(edit) @851   4 years cito Adapt announcement for 5.0 to the current state
(edit) @850   4 years cito Add note regarding SQLAlchemy
(edit) @849   4 years cito Make timetz and timestamptz work properly with Python 2 Python 2 has …
(edit) @848   4 years cito Fix test with time zones under Python 3
(edit) @847   4 years cito Fix issue with arrays and records containing unicode Arrays and …
(edit) @846   4 years cito Do not reset cursor attributes when cursor is closed SQLAlchemy for …
(edit) @845   4 years cito Update changelog
(edit) @844   4 years cito New connection attribute "closed" in pgdb This can be useful when …
(edit) @843   4 years cito Silently accept unescaped quotes
(edit) @842   4 years cito Treat percent signs in SQL strings always the same
(edit) @841   4 years cito Add type helper for UUIDs
(edit) @840   4 years cito Improve adaptation of hstore and empty array
(edit) @839   4 years cito Cast to proper type when adapting datetime values Otherwise …
(edit) @838   4 years cito Next release should become 5.0b1 instead of 5.0a0.
(edit) @837   4 years cito Add comment with link to Travis configuration docs
(edit) @836   4 years cito Add database configuration for Travis
(edit) @835   4 years cito Fix name of Travis CI configuration file
(edit) @834   4 years cito Add Travis CI configuration
(edit) @833   4 years cito Small fixes to make trunk run with Python 2.6 again
(edit) @832   4 years cito Minor fixes in the docs configuration
(edit) @831   4 years cito Use different file instead of ifconfig Unfortunately, Sphinx did not …
(edit) @830   4 years cito Avoid duplication in the title of the docs The actual documentation …
(edit) @829   4 years cito Always use index.rst as master page Implement the case distinction on …
(edit) @828   4 years cito Fix silly typo.
(edit) @827   4 years cito Do not use our custom layout with RTD. This does not work since RTD …
(edit) @826   4 years cito Make Sphinx docs work without the Cloud theme Our custom navigation …
(edit) @825   4 years cito Add requirements file for buildings the docs
(edit) @824   4 years cito Decode error message properly when using Python 3 The error message …
(edit) @823   4 years cito Raise the proper subclasses of DatabaseError? Particularly, we raise …
(edit) @822   4 years cito Make version available as version in both modules
(edit) @821   4 years cito Support the uuid data type This is often useful and also supported by …
(edit) @820   4 years cito Skip test for privileges when running as superuser It's not possible …
(edit) @819   4 years cito Add type object for the hstore type
(edit) @818   4 years cito Add list of supported data types.
(edit) @817   4 years cito Support the hstore data type Added adaptation and typecasting of the …
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