Feb 11, 2006:

4:14 PM Changeset [251] by cito
Improved explanation of get_relations().
4:13 PM Changeset [250] by cito
Updated test_pg to account for the added features.
4:57 AM Changeset [249] by cito
Added cancel() method to connection object.
3:54 AM Changeset [248] by cito
Forgot one pair of braces in print_result().

Feb 10, 2006:

6:53 PM Changeset [247] by cito
As explained/announced on the mailing list, replaced the external …

Feb 8, 2006:

8:44 PM Changeset [246] by darcy
Fix up the distribution file creation script to reflect recent changes …
8:43 PM Changeset [245] by darcy
Get more of the recent changes into the changelog.
3:27 PM Changeset [244] by cito
Replaced snprintf by PyOS_snprintf. Removed NO_SNPRINTF switch which …

Feb 4, 2006:

1:42 PM Changeset [243] by darcy
Close a small memory leak. Thanks to Brent N. Chun.

Jan 22, 2006:

11:15 AM Changeset [242] by cito
Updated default style sheet to docutils 0.4.
11:15 AM Changeset [241] by cito
Reflect the last name change in the docs.
10:25 AM Changeset [240] by cito
Updated the pg docs concerning get_relations() and get() on views.
10:24 AM Changeset [239] by cito
The parameter of get_relations was inconsistently named "typ" and …
10:18 AM Changeset [238] by darcy
Update all version strings to 3.8.
10:06 AM Changeset [237] by darcy
Put declaration in proper place.
9:56 AM Changeset [236] by darcy
Get ready for version 3.8
9:47 AM Changeset [235] by darcy
Time to start testing 3.8
8:16 AM Changeset [234] by darcy
Make error message a little more explanatory.
8:15 AM Changeset [233] by darcy
Move num_rows variable into case to localize it in only place it is …
7:52 AM Changeset [232] by darcy
Change get_tables method to get_relations and allow any type of …
7:47 AM Changeset [231] by darcy
Add unit tests for get().
7:12 AM Changeset [230] by darcy
Add Binary type. Note that this simply returns the string passed to …

Jan 19, 2006:

7:23 AM Changeset [229] by darcy
Add latest changes to changelog.
6:31 AM Changeset [228] by darcy
Add dbapi20 module for testing.
6:31 AM Changeset [227] by darcy
Include third party dbapi20 module in our repository so that we can …
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