Jan 5, 2013:

7:12 PM Changeset [496] by darcy
Add more quote tests. False and 0 should evaluate to NULL.
7:02 PM Changeset [495] by darcy
Any number other than 0 is True.
5:14 PM Changeset [494] by cito
Fix exception handling in pgnotify.
5:08 PM Changeset [493] by cito
Do not use positional parameters internally. This restores backward …
3:25 PM Changeset [492] by cito
Add methods for changing the decimal point.
2:23 PM Changeset [491] by cito
Revert hack in r488. It does not work with a Japanese locale.
10:54 AM Changeset [490] by darcy
Add pgnotify to attributes.
10:34 AM Changeset [489] by cito
Add test for boolean parameters.
10:24 AM Changeset [488] by darcy
Don't create a new tuple before we need it. Saves a destructor in …
10:19 AM Changeset [487] by darcy
Add pgnotify method.
10:19 AM Changeset [486] by darcy
Open database in every test to assure that there are no interactions. …
10:07 AM Changeset [485] by cito
Handle money results properly when decimal point is a','.

Jan 3, 2013:

2:21 PM Changeset [484] by darcy
Location of files directory on server changed.
2:20 PM Changeset [483] by darcy
Now in beta mode for 4.2.
1:37 PM Changeset [482] by cito
I've also tested everything with PostgreSQL 9.2.
12:58 PM Changeset [481] by darcy
Ack, ptooie. I'm not even suffering from a hangover.
12:57 PM Changeset [480] by darcy
Fix date in new documentation as well.
12:55 PM Changeset [479] by darcy
Fix RST syntax - underline too short.
12:39 PM Changeset [478] by darcy
Oops. Wrong year on last change log.
7:43 AM Changeset [477] by darcy
Tagging release 4.1

Jan 2, 2013:

5:51 PM Changeset [476] by cito
Cannot detect Postgres 9.0 so easily, use compile flag instead.
4:52 PM Changeset [475] by cito
More testing platforms.
4:47 PM Changeset [474] by cito
Solve a problem when compiling a 32bit version under Windows.
4:45 PM Changeset [473] by cito
Silence some compiler warnings, use consistent code style.

Jan 1, 2013:

8:26 PM Changeset [472] by darcy
Show testing platforms.
6:17 PM Changeset [471] by cito
Fix some issues with MS VS 2008.
11:02 AM Changeset [470] by darcy
Update docs to 4.1
10:35 AM Changeset [469] by darcy
New Sphinx documentation. Note - not finished yet. Committed to allow …
12:00 AM Milestone 4.1 completed
Maintenance release, backward compatible with 4.0. Should be released …
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