Jan 11, 2016:

12:25 PM Ticket #66 (Achieve 100% test coverage) created by cito
When running the tests in the trunk with coverage run setup.py test, …
12:16 PM Changeset [717] by cito
Add coverage results to ignore list
11:54 AM Changeset [716] by cito
Add a "first steps" tutorial for PyGreSQL In addition to the already …
7:09 AM Changeset [715] by cito
Use the original header file from PG instead of pgfs.h
6:44 AM Changeset [714] by cito
Add simple README and LICENSE files in the root directory A simple …
6:26 AM Changeset [713] by cito
Mention pip in the installation instructions Also remove the notes …
5:24 AM Changeset [712] by cito
Make python setup.py sdist include the docs
3:45 AM Changeset [711] by cito
Flatten the directory structure of the project Simplified the …

Jan 10, 2016:

5:20 PM Changeset [710] by cito
Port all doc changes from 4.x branch to trunk
5:12 PM Changeset [709] by cito
get_tables() should not list the information schema tables Since …
4:03 PM Ticket #65 (Add a "First Steps" chapter to the documentation) created by cito
There should be a "First Steps" chapter in the documenation for both …
4:00 PM Ticket #11 (Improve or rewrite the tutorial) closed by cito
fixed: Tutorial files have been moved to sphin in r708, that should be good …
3:59 PM Changeset [708] by cito
Move tutorial into a chapter of the docs Converted the tutorial files …
6:43 AM Changeset [707] by cito
Add version information for new/changed features to docs

Jan 9, 2016:

5:53 PM Changeset [706] by cito
Make sure DB methods respect the new bool option Two DB methods …
3:49 PM Changeset [705] by cito
Use more idiomatic SQL for boolean attributes
9:48 AM Changeset [704] by cito
Simplify code by removing case distinctions for PG < 8.2 In PyGres? 5 …
8:23 AM Ticket #64 (Add an upsert() method to the DB class) created by cito
Postgres 9.5 has a new UPSERT command that could be supported by a …
8:20 AM Ticket #63 (Add a truncate() method to the DB class) created by cito
I thought it could be useful to have a `truncate(table, cascade=False, …

Jan 8, 2016:

2:16 PM Changeset [703] by cito
One more cast to avoid a compiler warning with MSVC.
1:52 PM Changeset [702] by cito
Remove a compiler warning by casting properly
9:17 AM Changeset [701] by cito
Confirmed that PyGreSQL runs with PostgreSQL 9.5 All tests pass with …
8:18 AM Changeset [700] by cito
Use appropriate compiler options with Visual Studio The MSVC compiler …

Jan 7, 2016:

5:25 PM Changeset [699] by cito
Amend the large obj tests for Windows
5:00 PM Changeset [698] by cito
Skip over known libpq issue under Windows
11:59 AM Changeset [697] by cito
Test rowcount attribute with copy methods
11:26 AM Changeset [696] by cito
Minor doc fixes, remove index.html The index.html file is not needed …

Jan 6, 2016:

4:42 PM Changeset [695] by cito
Reorganize and improve the Sphinx docs The Sphinx HTML docs can now …

Jan 4, 2016:

5:55 PM Ticket #34 (Support copy_from and copy_to) closed by cito
fixed: Implemented in r693, tests in r694.
5:53 PM Changeset [694] by cito
Add tests for copy_from() and copy_to()
5:51 PM Changeset [693] by cito
Support copy_from() and copy_to() in pgdb

Jan 3, 2016:

9:13 AM Ticket #57 (Implement callproc method on pgdb cursors) closed by cito
fixed: Implemented in r692 now. The implementation has been a bit simplified …
9:11 AM Changeset [692] by cito
Implement the callproc() cursor method The implementation has been a …

Jan 2, 2016:

6:35 PM Changeset [691] by cito
Print a warning when the PostgreSQL version is too old
6:25 PM Changeset [690] by cito
Amend tests so that they can run with PostgreSQL < 9.0 Note that we …
2:34 PM Ticket #62 (Support SSL connections) created by cito
PyGreSQL should support SSL connections to the database. This means …
2:12 PM Ticket #61 (Consider adding type hints) created by cito
Python supports …
12:04 PM Ticket #60 (Document/solve possible issues regarding OIDs) created by cito
PostgreSQL stopped adding OIDs to user tables by default since version …
11:41 AM Changeset [689] by darcy
Update copyright.
11:40 AM Changeset [688] by darcy
Update copyright.
11:02 AM Changeset [687] by darcy
The docs Makefile now requires gmake. On Linux make is gmake but on …
10:57 AM Changeset [686] by cito
Improve the script for creating the source distribution Made some …
10:21 AM Changeset [685] by darcy
It was a team effort.
8:34 AM Ticket #59 (Expose error code as exception attribute or exception type) created by cito
The following suggestion has been made by Glyph on the mailing list in …
8:29 AM Ticket #58 (Explain SQLSTATE in documentation) created by cito
PyGreSQL supports getting the SQLSTATE (see ticket #13), but it is not …
8:10 AM Changeset [684] by cito
Some fixes in the documentation

Jan 1, 2016:

6:21 PM Ticket #22 (Let pgdb support namedtuples) closed by cito
fixed: Support for named tuples has now been added in r683, tests and docs …
6:11 PM Changeset [683] by cito
Return rows as named tuples in pgdb By default, we now return result …
12:32 PM Changeset [682] by cito
Add cursor classes for returning various row types Currently, …

Dec 31, 2015:

4:22 AM Ticket #5 (Add docs for the pgdb module) closed by cito
fixed: Added in r676. Examples should be covered separately, maybe on the …

Dec 30, 2015:

5:45 PM Ticket #57 (Implement callproc method on pgdb cursors) created by cito
Currently pgdb does not provided the optional callproc() method …
5:39 PM Changeset [681] by cito
Let cursor.description return named tuples
4:56 PM Changeset [680] by cito
Remove the deprecated tty parameter and attribute This parameter has …
4:31 PM Changeset [679] by cito
Use simpler and more standard type names in pgdb We already renamed …
4:01 PM Changeset [678] by cito
More elegant code using decorators and dict comprehension
3:55 PM Changeset [677] by cito
Fix some class names in pgdb docs
3:47 PM Changeset [676] by cito
Add the missing docs for pgdb For years we only pointed to the …
12:16 PM Changeset [675] by cito
Add a manifest template
12:04 PM Changeset [674] by cito
Convert from Docutils to Sphinx for good Make the switch to using …
11:41 AM Changeset [673] by cito
Adapt docs to new class names in version 5
11:39 AM Changeset [672] by cito
Use consistent indentation in docs
10:11 AM Changeset [671] by cito
Convert pg module documentation to Sphinx The documentation was …
9:33 AM Changeset [670] by cito
Use generic file name for source code repository docs

Dec 29, 2015:

3:02 PM Changeset [669] by cito
Update Sphinx conf and make files Update the conf and make files for …

Dec 24, 2015:

3:24 AM Ticket #56 (Support hstore) created by cito
3:10 AM Ticket #55 (Support XML) created by cito
3:01 AM Ticket #54 (Support JSON and JSONB) created by cito

Dec 23, 2015:

10:54 AM Changeset [668] by darcy
Ignore local definitions file.
10:53 AM Changeset [667] by cito
More sophisticated creation of missing database
10:14 AM Changeset [666] by darcy
When creating a missing database use the same parameters as the test run.
9:55 AM Changeset [665] by cito
Make database port configurable in test_dbapi20
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