May 14, 2019:

11:36 PM Changeset [1007] by D'Arcy J.M. Cain
Typo. Number is 15, not 13.
11:34 PM Changeset [1006] by D'Arcy J.M. Cain
Number of files in distribution has changed.
11:21 PM Changeset [1005] by D'Arcy J.M. Cain
Sphinx-build is now a symlink to the current version.
11:10 PM Changeset [1004] by D'Arcy J.M. Cain
Tagging the 5.1 release of PyGreSQL
11:07 PM Changeset [1003] by D'Arcy J.M. Cain
Tagging the 5.0.7 release of PyGreSQL
4:12 PM Ticket #73 (Allow inserttable() to take columns as parameter) reopened by cito

Apr 25, 2019:

6:33 PM Changeset [1002] by cito
Use same prefix for all C files So that they are not scattered among …
6:19 PM Changeset [1001] by cito
Use C89 only (PEP 7)
6:16 PM Changeset [1000] by cito
Use proper type for len
5:49 PM Changeset [999] by cito
Put additional C files into the manifest template
1:27 PM Changeset [998] by cito
Fix test for database with cyrillic charset
12:56 PM Changeset [997] by cito
Some more IDE hints
12:47 PM Ticket #73 (Allow inserttable() to take columns as parameter) closed by cito
wontfix: Actually I don't think a columns parameter would be much useful here …
12:43 PM Changeset [996] by cito
Better error messages in inserttable() method
10:11 AM Ticket #75 (Add autocommit option to DB API 2) closed by cito
fixed: This has now been implemented in r995 and will be available in version 5.1.
10:10 AM Changeset [995] by cito
Support autocommit attribute on pgdb connections
7:41 AM Changeset [994] by cito
Fix typo and whitespace
5:54 AM Changeset [993] by cito
Don't forget to mention contributors in changelog

Apr 24, 2019:

5:00 PM Ticket #74 (Search doesn't work properly on doc site) closed by cito
worksforme: Just tested it and it works now.
4:38 PM Ticket #79 (Use PQconnectdbParams instead of PQsetdbLogin) created by cito
Currently, connections in the classic and DB API 2 modules are made …
4:30 PM Ticket #62 (Support SSL connections) closed by cito
fixed: With DB API 2, you can also send the parameters as keyword parameters …
4:16 PM Changeset [992] by cito
Document how to send more parameters with connect
3:46 PM Changeset [991] by cito
Add some more attributes to the connection object
12:18 PM Ticket #51 (Proper Python type for bytea values) closed by cito
invalid: Actually I don't remember what I wanted to do here and what psycopg2 …
11:59 AM Changeset [990] by cito
PostgreSQL 11 support was missing in setup.py
11:49 AM Changeset [989] by cito
Minor whitespace fixes and IDE hints
11:42 AM Changeset [988] by cito
Merge additional copyright info into top header
10:41 AM Ticket #78 (Make the c files compile separately) created by cito
The pgmodule.c file has been split into 7 parts in version 5.1, but is …
10:34 AM Ticket #43 (pgmodule.c needs some serious refactoring (too large)) closed by cito
10:17 AM Changeset [987] by cito
Let all source files have the same short header The file header …
9:23 AM Changeset [986] by cito
Split pgmodule.c into separate files With 6320 lines the file had …

Apr 22, 2019:

6:07 PM Changeset [985] by cito
Let single() and variants raise more specific error
5:38 PM Changeset [984] by cito
Test existence of all query methods
4:39 PM Changeset [983] by cito
Consistent naming of functions in the C module
2:35 PM Changeset [982] by cito
Use PEP7 to format control structures in C Code
11:40 AM Changeset [981] by cito
PEP 7: Use 4-space indents and no tabs at all
10:53 AM Ticket #67 (Add methods for returning scalar values) closed by cito
fixed: Decided to not add such a method to the DB-API 2 module since it does …
10:44 AM Changeset [980] by cito
Query methods for getting single rows and columns

Apr 21, 2019:

3:32 PM Ticket #23 (Add methods returning dicts of rows to the classic module) closed by cito
fixed: This has essentially been implemented via get_as_dict in PyGres 5.0.
3:28 PM Changeset [979] by cito
Add version note for get_as_list/dict
3:21 PM Ticket #48 (Add methods returning interator of rows to the classic module) closed by cito
3:07 PM Changeset [978] by cito
Make classic query work as iterator Mostly following Justin's …

Apr 20, 2019:

8:42 AM Ticket #77 (Bad performance of query_formatted()) closed by cito
8:40 AM Changeset [977] by cito
Use the term "registered type" (not "regular" type) This is the …
7:54 AM Changeset [976] by cito
Ignore .bak, .log and .coverage files
7:49 AM Changeset [975] by cito
Add a note about dictresult() with duplicate fields
6:45 AM Changeset [974] by cito
Better name for frequent simple types mapping. Contrary to …

Apr 19, 2019:

4:59 PM Changeset [973] by cito
Add note about executing multiple SQL commands Also mention …
3:37 PM Changeset [972] by cito
Speed-up guessing simple types
2:27 PM Changeset [971] by cito
Minor code simplification in format_query()
9:39 AM Changeset [970] by cito
Avoid raising AttributeError? This might be slightly better in Python …
9:35 AM Changeset [969] by cito
Shebang should not be followed by a blank It's a myth that it is …

Apr 18, 2019:

4:19 PM Ticket #77 (Bad performance of query_formatted()) created by justin
This was posted by Justin to the mailing list 2019-04-01: I was going …
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